CIFA Mission

Provide support to its members
CIFA's Technical Committees will analyse and discuss implications, challenges and opportunities presented by developments at both a local and international level. Related guidance papers will be issued to act as sources of reference to market participants.

Encourage maintenance of industry standards and professionalism
CIFA will encourage professionalism, quality and integrity in the services offered by market participants by promoting the protection of investors, advocating adherence to high ethical standards, transparency and good corporate governance. Furthermore, CIFA will provide relevant training in order to further support the industry's growth and the development of best practices.

Be engaged in the development of related regulatory aspects
CIFA will monitor developments in the global industry and work closely with the government and regulatory authority in shaping regulations, both when required in light of regulatory developments at a European level as well as when needed to develop new products / services in order to remain competitive.

Promote the Cyprus investment fund industry
CIFA's ultimate goal is to promote the Cyprus investment fund industry. This shall be done locally by representing the industry in economic missions organised by the government and/or regulatory authority, by hosting fund conferences, events and seminars, and by interacting with the media. Internationally this shall be achieved by promoting awareness through its involvement with industry associations and participation in industry conferences.

Code of Conduct