Sep 26, 2014

Eni-Kogas Drillship Begins Drilling

Newly arrived drillship, Saipem 10000, representing the Eni/Kogas consortium, began yesterday, Thursday, its first testing for hydrocarbon reserves in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone.
According to the Cyprus News Agency, Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Yiorgos Lakkotrypis, was invited by the company to visit the drillship, and subsequently confirmed that deep sea drilling would commence imminently.
In fact, Lakkotrypis clarified that, in essence, the procedure of the drilling began when the drillship was stabilised at the point of drilling at the Onasagoras gas field of block 9 of Cyprus’ EEZ.
The Minister explained that whilst there is encouraging data, statements of certainty cannot be made devoid of the drilling coming to a conclusion.
He said that the drilling will be completed in 80 days and that, after that time, the preliminary results will be known.
Looking to the future, Lakkotrypis confirmed that the prospect of exporting has to neighbouring nations, such as Egypt and Jordan, remains a possibility, which he described as having embodying both advantages and challenges.

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